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What is meant by e-commerce?

Today, we cannot imagine living our lives without the use of modern technology and gadgets. And, the development in technology has resulted in the hike of businesses that are using modern ways for the purpose of growing in the market. E-commerce is one such way that is helping organizations to reach everybody through the means of the internet.

This method is not specific to only big businesses since each business; big or small can adopt this modern way to grow their business manifolds. This method is not helping organizations but is also proving to be beneficial for consumers. So, if you are looking for an affordable way to get e-commerce development services, then you should look no further as Bellator Media has got you covered.

How e-commerce is helping businesses to grow?

We strive hard to provide our customers with the best web solutions in order to grow their businesses. By using e-commerce, you may reach out to the target audience without having to do much. By seeking our e-commerce developments services, you can:

  • Improve the sales of your goods.
  • Get in direct touch with the customers.
  • Provide your services without appointing any middleman.
  • Advertise your company to a greater extent.
  • Get paid immediately for the delivered goods.

Why invest in e-commerce development?

By seeking e-commerce development, you will see a visible growth of your business in the digital market. We try our best to improve each feature of your online platform. Our team has skilled, capable, and knowledgeable programmers who keep in mind the notes given by the service seekers. Here are some acknowledged benefits of e-commerce:

  • Lets the buyers find the desired product easily.
  • This method is generally easier for buying and selling goods.
  • There is no hindrance in the buying and selling process.
  • You can avail the services from local and international brands.
  • You get better services at a low price.
  • There is no requirement to set up a physical company.
  • It is considered one of the best and easiest way to get into the market.

Features of E-Commerce Development

The experts available at our end for the development of your e-commerce website take necessary measure to offer you the following services:

Platforms used for the development of
E-commerce Websites:

Bellator Media is considered one of the most prominent e-commerce website development companies in India. For this, we use the following platforms:


Digital | Mobile | CLM Experiental

This platform is used for its effective and reliable functionality. It has multiple features to manage stores, choose a variety of language and different currencies. Our developers take the benefit of its new plugins and extensions while developing an e-commerce website.


Scientific Storytelling / MLR Standards | Identity

This platform of creating an e-commerce website is very popular due to its ease of usability. PrestaShop is used by our developers in both fully-hosted and self-hosted versions to create a website.


Design / E-Commerce | Development

This platform for creating e-commerce website is exclusively preferred for small business ventures.


Digital | Mobile | CLM Experiental

This is the most trusted platform for e-commerce websites. It has a vast support network when things go wrong.


Digital | Mobile | CLM Experiental

This platform has the biggest product management system that enables our developers to do almost anything to make your website user-friendly.


Digital | Mobile | CLM Experiental

This new e-commerce development platform is based on Ruby on Rails. This is a very modular platform and its small learning curve makes this platform easy to configure and upgrade its functionality.


Digital | E-Commerce | Development

WooCommerce is seamlessly integrated with WordPress that make its breeze to install and manage the website. This platform has a mobile-friendly feature that makes it easy to access for the customers.


Digital | E-Commerce | Development

Jigoshop is another WordPress based program that is gaining steam. Jigoshop has a core-integrated RESTful API that is making the whole software accessible for exterior applications.


Digital | E-Commerce | Development

This platform makes your storefront up and running. Customers can view the product details in their native language that help them to shop easily.


Digital | E-Commerce | Development

Drupal is the most flexible and SEO-friendly platform to create the e-commerce website. Drupal Commerce can only be used with Drupal.

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